I first became acquainted with Jess as a presenter in September 2017 when I attended a 40-hour Sexual Assault Services training that she hosted. Her insight into the various areas that sexual assault reaches, including but not limited to advocacy, systematic barriers, and rape culture, was impressive. She welcomed questions from those with varying points of view and addressed each of them intelligently, honestly, and confidently. Her presentation was very engaging and relevant, while her commitment to the subject matter was apparent and contagious. Later, I was afforded the opportunity to present violence prevention curriculum to youth with Jess. Her persistence with insuring that as many students as possible grasped concepts like the dynamics of a healthy relationship, the necessity of consent, and the unfair pressures of society was infectious to those who worked with her. When presenting, she answered questions and provided scenarios that made the individuals think. Her impact on the students was captivating to see.
— Heather Kolling, 360 Communities
Jessica is a profoundly passionate and impactful presenter. Few people are able to articulate as artistically as she does. Her welcoming demeanor disarms any preconceived hostilities. Her authenticity produces instant trust between her and audience members allowing for everyone to leave feeling challenged, inspired, and engaged!
— J. Arthur Teresi, Author of the 7 Key Abilities
Jessica Teresi was a fabulous and informative speaker when she presented at Saint Thomas Academy. She has been invited twice and we can’t wait until she visits this year. Her talks have been very well received by the students here. Her charisma and intelligence draw students into her story and her research very effectively. Jessica connected with the students and it was clear they respected her story, her preparation and were completely engaged in the presentation. She presents a very intense and sensitive topic in a calm and non-threatening way which creates a milieu of trust and acceptance. She is an amazing presenter and person!
— Joe Seidel, Theology Teacher at St. Thomas Academy
Jessica’s personal story gave me the courage to speak up and share my own story.
— Anonymous
Ms. Teresi’s candid and engaging abilities as a speaker provide the audience with a safe and judgment-free atmosphere that is completely conducive their desire to gain knowledge that is critical to their success in the advocacy field. Her knowledge of advocacy in relation to domestic and sexual violence victims goes far beyond most institutional learning platforms, and helps to expand the world views of those in attendance in other related areas such as healthy relationships, consent, appropriate behavior in the workplace, and the criminal/legal/medical process that victims of sexual or domestic violence will often experience. Ms. Teresi is also very adept, compassionate, and empathetic when it comes to starting and continuing conversations that include some very difficult subject matter, which helps to create and sustain the high levels of discourse needed to continue our work in the advocacy field. In military parlance, we would consider Ms. Teresi both a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a true force multiplier.
— John J. Thompson, JFHQ MNNG SARC
Jessica Teresi delivers compelling, well-researched presentations that are thought-provoking and educational. She has an expert understanding of the toxic and pervasive aspects of our culture that perpetuate sexual violence. She also provides useful tools that audience members can take with them to help change the culture and support victim/survivors.
— Tony Compton, Marketing Director at 360 Communities
Jess is a dynamic, passionate speaker who puts her heart into her work on critical issues for our time. I attended a training from her with several sessions on sexual assault advocacy and related issues, and it was very well done. She is an expert on the subject matter, and an engaging trainer. She uses her education, years of professional experience, and training to bring critical topics to life with every day examples to consider. I appreciate that Jess is compassionate and sensitive to intersections of race, culture, lgbtq identity, poverty, and oppression. She challenges the status quo as she educates others, and helps make our world a better place to live in. I highly recommend her as a speaker, trainer, or curriculum coordinator. The world needs more people like Jess!
— Chelsea Hibbard
“I had the pleasure of working alongside Jess while she was creating a multi year sexual violence/healthy relationships prevention curriculum to implement with school age students. She was mindful of assessing learning objectives and specific content that would challenge learners to be reflective and also give them a chance to ask for help if they weren’t feeling safe. What impressed me most - actually blew me away - was watching her command the room whether teaching this curriculum to a group of middle schoolers or presenting in front of groups of professionals or peers. Jess is a courageous, creative, authentic and engaging leader in this field. She connects by sharing her story, passion and grounded message. That’s not easy to do with sensitive subject matter.
— Tanya Anderson, Director of Strategic Initiatives 360 Communities
As an experienced, retired, Police Officer Lt., Instructor at the Indiana law Enforcement Academy and Advocate for Victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, I recognize Jess Teresi, to be the personification of the Pre-Eminent, Professional Educator. Recently, I attended a 40 hour training session, concerning Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Advocacy, instructed by Jess. Who, using her vast personal life experience, voluminous knowledge and innate sensitivity, coordinated the curriculum, prepared PowerPoint exhibits, spoke eloquently for the forty hour session melding easily with group. She was always alert, to speak one on one, in order to meet the needs of individual group members. Attendees were very fortunate to receive a fresh perspective on major issues in our communities. Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. Jess’s presentation was outstanding. She was friendly, well spoken, knowledgeable and well received by all participants in the session. It is my pleasure to give Jess my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. As a result of her oratorical ability and depth of subject matter knowledge, she will, always, deliver valuable information and be well received by all attendees.
— Lt. Colleen Mullen (Ret.)