I'm Jess! I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and intimate partner violence, an advocate for change and an expert in sexual violence trauma & prevention. In college I started to understand the power victim/survivors voices brought to the movement of violence prevention. After disclosing to a class of women's study majors, I experienced something I'll never forget - one person after another disclosed their survivor stories. Sharing stories of violence not only opened a door for me to speak my truth, but it invited others to do the same. This sharing of our truth is a reclaiming of our innocence and our worth.

With a degree in psychology from Hamline University, I've spent the last 10 years in advocacy work, advocating for the rights of the most vulnerable in our society. In 2012, I began advocating with a local sexual violence agency through providing one-on-one counseling support & hospital advocacy to victims/survivors of sexual violence.

In 2014, I began managing and training volunteer advocates & staff advocates through a state mandated Sexual Assault Advocacy Training and coordinated a local sexual assault program. My passion for prevention grew and I developed and implemented a 6th - 12th grade healthy relationships curriculum in local schools.

I believe we can end violence through starting tough conversations and facing the uncomfortable truths. To do this, we must acknowledge the lies society tells victims/survivors, allies and individuals who choose violence.

I have provided over 100 presentations on subjects such as; sexual violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape culture, social media safety, domestic violence, intimate-partner violence, healthy relationships, toxic masculinity, trauma informed care, confidentiality & ethics in sexual violence advocacy, mandated reporting for advocates working with sexual & domestic violence victims as well as advocates working with adults with disabilities, campus sexual assault, oppression, racism, and feminist theory/history.

I look forward to shifting a culture of lies to a culture of truth with you!